How do the lease deals and purchase prices at Car Negotiators compare to

There has been a lot written about  Certainly with their advertising presence is felt throughout the automobile industry. Here how it works from a dealer’s perspective and here is how Car Negotiators is different:

Truecar approaches dealers throughout the country and signs up dealers who agree to publish and will commit to a published pricing model. For every person who comes into a dealership and ends up buying a car, the dealer agrees to pay them approximately $299 (here is a good article about it) or $399 for each used car.

If you would like to see why this doesn’t always work, compare the prices for a car that you are interested in different markets. For example, compare a Mercedes E350 in Los Angeles vs. Las Vegas.  The Truecar prices are (as of this writing) nearly $4,000 dollars apart.  Basically, the consumer doesn’t know if the Truecar price is a good one because if you live in a market that isn’t very competitive, even the Truecar price isn’t a good one.

If you are getting a good price from Truecar that is nothing to stop the dealer from aggressively “up-selling” the consumer into very profitable financing, finance fees, documentation fees and dealer installed options. For anyone other than the cash buyer or the buyer who walks into the dealership with financing in place the Truecar price isn’t going to be all that there is for the dealer to profit on.

Car Negotiators by comparison works with car dealers all over the country and we know that if a consumer lives in a place where the car dealers are simply not aggressive that we can find dealers in other parts of the country to provide cars for them. We are constantly comparing prices from around the country so we really know what the right price should be for our customers.

For example, it isn’t unusual for us to find a particularly good deal for a customer several hundred or even thousand miles away with a dealer that is willing to deliver the car to other parts of the country. We use this information to either negotiate with a local dealer for an even better deal or we just simply arrange for the consumer to purchase the car from the more remote dealer.  Unlike Truecar, we are not limited by geography–we use geography to our consumer’s benefit.

Additionally, Car Negotiators has a “full transparency” pricing policy.  There won’t be any surprise documentation fees or hidden margins in the financing. We almost exclusively use the manufacture’s finance programs and we only use their standards rates. We add no hidden fees into the financing.

The biggest difference? With Car Negotiators you have an advocate working for you. Truecar works for the dealers!