How Do We Do It

It seems almost too simple and too good to be true doesn’t it?  Tell us the make, model and options of the car you want and, in over 91% of the time we can get you your car at a significant savings.  No risk, no cost and no obligation.

There are essentially five things that we can do to get you a better price:

  1. We are experienced, professional, car negotiators that maintains a database of our own recent car deals that goes beyond any “Blue Book” invoice price of a car.  We understand all the dealer incentives and all the “back end” money that are parts of dealer’s special profit that they are reluctant to share with a car buyer who comes off the street.  When we call a dealer, they know what they are up against because they know immediately how much up to the moment information that we have at our finger tips.
  2. We are tapped into all special deals that are offered dealers to move certain model cars at certain times of the year.  We know when new models are coming out.  We know when manufacturers are anxious to reduce inventory.  It is not unheard of for us to tell a client that they should wait a few weeks until the next month because we can probably do better.  This is another advantage we have by maintaining a database of our recent deals.
  3. With the volume of car buying that we do, we can qualify to buy cars at the “fleet” price which are prices available to volume car buyers such as car rental companies, corporate fleets or municipalities and pass that savings on to our clients.
  4. We are experts in leases and can disaggregate a lease to its constituent parts to find any areas of further price leverage.  In many cases, there are extraordinary interest rates, markup increases or unreasonable residual values built into the lease.  We can find this areas of “fat” and negotiate them out of the lease.
  5. Car Negotiators will call a number of local dealers and even dealers outside the region to get the best pricing.  With Car Negotiators database of deals and dealerships, they know which dealers will deal and who won’t deal and they use that to streamline their productivity.  If we need to transport a car from outside the region where the pricing is better, we can do that economically.
  6. Finally, Car Negotiators can negotiate with professionalism and without passion.  As experienced car negotiators we aren’t reluctant to risk being insulted by a dealer or to disappoint a dealer to get the best value for our customers.